Latest COVID-19 Information

To Our Valued Customers:

Community Pharmacies is working hard to prepare COVID-19 vaccination sites to serve our customers and the public. Although we don’t have any firm information yet, we will be keeping you up to date on our progress on our Facebook page and website. We know this is a very confusing time with so much information coming from the news and the CDC. It is important to note that our staff does not currently have any inside/additional information to offer our patients regarding vaccine administration. We ask that you be kind and considerate to our hard-working staff as they manage the day-to-day responsibilities of filling your prescriptions in a timely manner. It would be very helpful to them if phone calls inquiring about the COVID-19 vaccine were limited. Rest assured, when we have the vaccine and when administration takes place, we will update you immediately and we will also be increasing our staff to meet the demand for vaccine and to continue to fill your prescriptions efficiently.

We value each and every one of our customers and we very much plan to be a part in the vaccine administration of our customers in Phase 1B, but if you are able to obtain it first at another healthcare facility please do not wait for us. We strongly recommend that you take the first vaccine appointment you are able to confirm.