Community Pharmacies accepts most major third party prescription plans and we are constantly accepting new programs.  A few examples of plans we participate in are: AdvancePCS, Aetna, Anthem, Argus Health, Caremark, Express, Medco Health, Member health, Prescription Solutions, Walgreen Health and all State of Maine Drug prescription programs including MaineRx Plus.

As well as accepting most major 3rd party prescription plans we also accept all Medicare D traditional and Medicare D complete plans.

In order to make sure all of our customers’ needs are met we are also enrolled in providing our customers with Durable Medical Equipment services that may be covered under your Medicare B plan as well as all secondary insurance plans such as AARP and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield.  Durable Medical Equipment coverage is limited to diabetic supplies, ostomy supplies, nebulizer drugs, transplant drugs and cancer treatment medications. In addition, we now are able to provide incontinence items to Mainecare patients- mailed directly to your door!

Feel free to contact your local community pharmacy or Michelle at our corporate office to find out if your plan is accepted, plan limitations and items that may not be listed here.